About Me

Meaghan Ellis is an around-the-clock mom, freelance journalist, blessed blogger, editor, and aspiring author. She has been writing short stories, news articles, magazine columns, Web content and product research reports for over 12 years. She has over ten years of professional experience and more than 4,500 published articles online.

Her writing credits include Inquisitr News, WebProNews, USA Today, Opposing Views, Travel.com, eHow.com, LiveStrong.com, Demand Media, I Love Old School Music, The Black Loop, When Love Was Real, and a plethora of online entertainment news sites. In addition to multimedia journalism, she has also written for numerous niche magazines covering entertainment, music, travel, and sports.

At the jovial age of 9, she wrote her first action/suspense short story manuscript titled, The Graveyard. She spent her formative years producing literary works consisting of poetry, haikus, lyrics, and sonnets characterized by the influence of Romanticism.

Most of her collegiate years were spent tailoring resumes, writing biographical narratives and sketches, and obituaries. She also spawned newsletter columns, news articles and product research reports, along with narratives, compare/contrast essays, and persuasive essays. In 2008, she embarked on the path of online journalism and freelance writing.

In 2015, she established Dagney Media and Publishing to further her career in journalism print and publications. The company specializes in multimedia journalism, event and program designs, graphic design, print, and publications.

Her literary influences include the likes of Greek philosopher Socrates, French Novelist Alfred de Vigny, African American authors Zora Neale Hurston, Margaret Walker, Langston Hughes and New York Times’ Best Selling Author Brenda Jackson, Maureen Smith, Sienna Mynx, S.K. Hardy and Mallory Monroe. But, now she’s more focused on the joys of blogging and sharing great tips with the world. She loves empowering other moms which is why she started The Cool Crafty Mom. Here, you’ll find tips on blogging, finance and budgeting, DIY projects, awesome crafts, and great recipes!